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Versatile and user-friendly fireplaces

Electric fires

A Xaralyn electric LED fire is a nice and easy way to create the effect of a fire. These fires can be used decoratively but most also have a heating mode.

The technique of an electric LED fire is quite simple, light projection on a rotating spindle. In combination with beautifully glowing wood logs this gives very realistic flames. Most firesplaces have different levels for the light and heat and are equipped with a remote control.

An electric LED fire is completely maintenance free. The fire is ideal for use as a additional heater. If the fire is used only for decorative purposes, the power consumption is negligible.

With the latest development in LED electric fireplaces, the flames seem to come even more from the logs, while the logs actually seem to glow. We call this type of electric fireplaces 3D LED fireplaces.

An alternative to an LED fireplace is light projection on water vapor. A water vapor gives a nice fire image but requires a lot of maintenance.

Advantages and disadvantages of an electric fireplace:

  • + no flue required
  • + only a power outlet required
  • + no smoke, odor or particulate matter
  • + user friendly
  • + relatively cheap
  • - not suitable as main heating
  • - no real fire (illusion of flames)

Electric fireplace

An electric fireplace provides the atmosphere and coziness of a real fireplace in your home. The atmosphere of a gas fireplace or wood stove but without the disadvantages!

The new generation electric fireplaces from Xaralyn function with economical LED lights. All Xaralyn LED fireplaces use a minimum of energy when used only as decorative fireplace.

An electric fireplace is choosing for a maintenance free fireplace.

The electric fireplace provides greater safety than the conventional fireplace since the risk of fire is practically nil. You can therefore leave your electric fireplace unattended and without worrying about what might happen when you are away for a while.

Excellent service

Xaralyn offers you the best possible service. You can contact us with all your questions about decorative fireplaces.

On our website you will find many information about decorative fireplaces, alternatives for gas fireplaces or wood stoves.

We are happy to help you realize an atmospheric but yet environmentally friendly fireplace in your living situation.

With breathtaking designs, you will no longer be afraid to invite people into your home for a drink or a good evening. Thanks to Xaralyn electric fireplaces, you will be able to create a unique atmosphere depending on the colour and material you choose.

Recognized quality

All electric fireplaces from Xaralyn comply with the latest safety standards.

Decorative fireplaces from Xaralyn are produced for years of pleasure. Our LED fireplaces are particularly economical and give a beautiful fire image.

Decorative fireplaces from Xaralyn are applicable in several surrounds or can be applied in a project of own design.

Despite the fact that an electric fireplace has a lower heating capacity than a classic fireplace, the flames represented will always keep the same height and will not require any handling to restart the fire.

Moreover, you will not have to worry about lighting the fire, since a simple push on a button will light it in a few seconds.