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Bio ethanol fireplaces or burners

Bio ethanol fireplaces or burners

Bio ethanol fireplaces or burners
• What is a bioethanol burner with ceramic stone?

The Xaralyn bioethanol burner with patented ceramic stone is a revolutionary product, the safest open fire! The big difference between our bioethanol burner and other burners on the market is that the Xaralyn bioethanol burner contains a ceramic core that slowly absorbs the liquid fuel. This causes the burner to not burn pure bioethanol, but the harmless gas it releases, this makes the fire burn more gradually. The result is a safer and cleaner burner, which is easy to ignite and gives a beautiful consistent fire. 

• What are the advantages of a bioethanol burner with ceramic stone?

The patented ceramic stone in the bioethanol burner absorbs the bioethanol completely and also closes off the burner. Therefore, it is impossible for the bio ethanol to run or leak out of the burner, even when it is held upside down! 


• Does the bioethanol burner produce heat?

One of the advantages of a bioethanol burner is that it produces a pleasant warmth. This heat cannot be used as a primary source of heating, but it contributes to a cosy temperature in the room. 

• How can I see if the bioethanol burner is filled to the correct level?

In the user’s manual you will find a complete description on the maximum volume and how to fill the bioethanol burner correctly. In short: The bioethanol burner can be filled by placing the funnel in the filling-opening (opening in the ceramic core). The ceramic core is completely saturated when the bioethanol is visible through the hole (maximum level of 1 cm underneath the surface of the ceramic core).

• Can the bioethanol burner be re-filled immediately after it is burned out?

The answer is no, after use the bioethanol burner needs to cool down for at least 30 minutes before you can refill and use it again. 

• How do I position the decoration on the bioethanol burner?

It is important to place the decoration around the burner-opening. The decoration should not touch the flames directly, at all times, in order to keep the combustion of the bioethanol as pure as possible. 

• Should both glass shields be used?

The glass plates ensure a stable, calm flame and prevent paint damage to the burner or built-in unit.

• The ceramic bricks seems to be broken/cracked

The ceramic bricks have a width of 230 mm. Therefore we need to place more than one brick next to each other in each burner in order to fill it up. You can see this by looking into the burner opening. You will see a seam in between the bricks. This has no influence on the combustion, the fuel is spread throughout each brick through small channels.

• My bio ethanol burner burns uncontrollably

This is probably caused by too much bio ethanol in the burner. When a burner is overfilled, the bio ethanol will flow from the inner reservoir into the outer reservoir. 

• How can I see if my bioethanol burner is overfilled?

The bioethanol burner is overfilled when the level of fuel reaches above 1 cm of the white ceramic core surface. Please check our manual for instructions on how to solve this problem. 

• How should the connectors and glass shields be installed on the bioethanol burner?

When using the two glass shields make sure to attach the four connectors in the appropriate holes on top of the burner. Place the glass shields in these connectors, while making sure to not tighten the connectors to tightly to the frame (there needs to be a small margin between the connector and the glass shield as glass expands when it heats up).

• My glass shield is broken

If one of the glass shields is broken, it is easy to order a new one online . Please make sure not to tighten the connectors too tight and extinguish the fire when it touches the glass shield too much (see manual).

• Which burner format can I choose

A bioethanol burner consumes oxygen in addition to ethanol. Ventilation is always required when burning a bioethanol burner. In almost all cases, the ventilation that is already available for a healthy living environment in the house is sufficient with the following recommendations.

Recommended minimum space:

Bioethanol burner S: 55m3
Bioethanol burner M: 70m3
Bioethanol burner L: 80m3
Bioethanol burner XL: 100m3
Bioethanol burner XXL: 120m3

If you want to use a larger burner in a smaller room, you must provide extra ventilation.

Heat emission bio ethanol burners:
Bioethanol burner S: +/- 2kW
Bioethanol burner M: +/- 2.5kW
Bioethanol burner L: +/- 3kW
Bioethanol burner XL: +/- 3.5 kW
Bioethanol burner XXL: +/- 4.4kW

Our bioethanol burners give off heat, but are not suitable as main heating. Due to the limited heat emission, we speak of decorative fireplaces. We hereby give you an indication of the power kW you need to heat a room.

Space 60m3:

  • • well insulated 3,6kW
  • • geïsoleerd 4,8kW
  • • slecht geïsoleerd 6kW

Space 80m3:

  • • well insulated 4,8kW
  • • insulated 6,4kW
  • • poorly insulated 8kW

Space 100m3:

  • • well insulated 6kW
  • • insulated 8kW
  • • poorly insulated 10kW

Space 120m3:

  • • well insulated 7,2kW
  • • insulated 9,6kW
  • • poorly insulated 12kW

Space 140m3:

  • • well insulated 8,4kW
  • • insulated 11,2kW
  • • poorly insulated 14kW
• How long will a bioethanol burner burn?

A fully stocked bioethanol burner from Xaralyn will burn between 3-4 hours. Large burners can hold more bioethanol, the burning time is approximately similar.

• How does a bioethanol burner with ceramic stone work?

A bio ethanol fireplace can be incredibly beautiful. Xaralyn puts safety first.

The most simple bio ethanol burners are no more than a container in which ethanol is burned. This type of bio ethanol burner is not only very dangerous but also consumes a lot of ethanol. Filling the burner with ceramic wool is claimed to offer sufficient safety. By using the burner, the volume of the ceramic wool shrinks and this leads to even more unsafe situations. Ceramic wool can still glow for a long time and cause a flash of flame when refilled.

Xaralyn has a completely different system. The entire burner is completely filled with an absorbent type of stone, we call this a bio ethanol burner with ceramic stone or ceramic burner.

Due to the fact that the burner is completely filled up by the ceramic core, it is not possible for the liquid fuel to leak – even if the burner is tilted.

Because of the built in safety device, it is simply not possible to fill the bioethanol burner while it is lit. The bioethanol burner can only be filled when it is closed off and therefore extinguished.

Because the burner is completely filled by the ceramic core, it is possible to use a bioethanol which contains more than 96% alcohol. This is the purest bioethanol available, which makes the combustion completely pure (without hazardous smells and remains) and produces a nice yellow flame.

It is not the pure bioethanol that burns, but the evaporation of the bio ethanol from the ceramic core when it is exposed to the air. The gradual combustion makes the bioethanol burner with ceramic core completely safe and economic in use. There is no need for a flue as there are no hazardous fumes. The bioethanol burner is surrounded by an additional outer reservoir for extra safety. This is filled with ceramic wool, which absorbs excess fuel in case the bio ethanol burner is over-filled.

This unique burning principle has been developed by Xaralyn, worldwide patented and carries the DIN 4731-1 quality mark.

• What is the lifespan of the ceramic core?

When used correctly (see manual) and in combination with the correct CL100 bioethanol (>96% alcohol), the burner can be used for years to come. The ceramic core normally does not need to be replaced.

• How do I ignite the bioethanol burner?

You ignite the bioethanol burner by opening the latch on top of the burner (you should see the white ceramic core) and holding a long lighter directly above the saturated core. 

• Is it possible to use decorative logs or pebbles on the bioethanol burner?

Yes, it is possible to place decorations on the bioethanol burner if they have been specially designed for this purpose! 

• Which accessories are included with the bioethanol burner?
  • • 1 user’s manual
  • • 1 funnel
  • • 1 lighter (not with burners from the “Pure Collection”)
  • • 2 metal handles
  • • 2 glass shields
  • • 4 connectors (to hold the glass shields)
  • • 1 lid or extinguisher
• Can I use the bioethanol burner outdoors?

Yes you can. However, the bioethanol burner cannot constantly stay outdoors as the ceramic core of the burner absorbs all fluids, e.g. (rain)water, and does not release this. As a result, the burner may become clogged and damaged. When the burner is used outdoors we advise you to place the burner indoors or underneath a roof after use. 

• The flames of my bio ethanol burner become higher after approximately half an hour

A reason for these abnormal flames is most likely the use of both the glass shields and placing decoration material (ceramic logs or pebbles) directly on the bio ethanol burner.

The excessive material around the fire-opening combined with an insufficient oxygen supply is known to disturb the vertical airflow. As a result, your fireplace will work similarly like a chimney and create high flames. It is hereby important to extinguish the fire, as described in the manual, and remove either the glass shields or the decoration. WARNING: The decoration material may never touch the flames.

• The flames of my bioethanol burner are very low

There can be several causes for low flames:

  1. The flames of a new bioethanol burner will be lower the first three to four times it is used. After several uses the ceramic core will be thoroughly saturated with bio ethanol and a steady combustion will occur.
  2. It is important to use the advised CL100 bio ethanol (>96% alcohol) as the ceramic burning system is designed and tested extensively in conjunction with this bio ethanol. When you use a different bioethanol, the effect will not be optimal and this will result in lower flames. If you have used a different bioethanol, you can refill the burner with the CL100 bioethanol again. This will – depending on the amount of bio ethanol used before – cleanse the system of the previous bioethanol, however it might take some time to burn away the previous bio ethanol and have the burner functioning properly again.
  3. Check if your bioethanol burner is completely filled with bioethanol. If this is not the case, please fill it up in accordance to the user’s manual. When a completely filled bioethanol burner is not used for a while, the fuel will slowly evaporate. Thus, it is important to keep the latch closed in order to prevent this as much as possible.
• My bioethanol burner does not extinguish when the latch is closed

When the latch is not closed quickly enough, it is possible that the fumes of the bio ethanol escape through an opening and catch fire. Re-open the latch and close it again in one quick move. If the bioethanol burner still does not extinguish, there is probably fuel in the outer reservoir.

• There is a white haze on my glass shields

The heat of a flame can create a haze or deposit on the glass. We therefore advise you to remove this by using a special cleanser for ceramic cooking ranges. When this is done at on regular basis, it will remain easy to clean the glass.

• The black varnish on the back of my insert is coming off

If the black varnish on the back of the insert is coming off, it is most likely caused by the flames touching the back of the insert. Please extinguish your fire immediately if this is the case and consult the manual. There can be three causes for the varnish to come off:

  1. You are not making use of the glass shields or decoration material (e.g. ceramic logs or pebbles).
  2. The flames are influenced draft/wind.
  3. You are not using the CL100 fuel. Any other fuel may cause the flames to become higher than normal.
• Are ethanol fireplaces harmfull to your health ?

Bioethanol is denatured alcohol. This process has rendered it unfit for consumption.

Burning alcohol or ethanol indoors without a flue is completely harmless if there is sufficient ventilation. Usually opening a window grille, a door to another room or mechanical ventilation is sufficient.

Fire uses oxygen. A room where a bio ethanol fireplace is used must be sufficiently ventilated. If there is not enough ventilation, this can lead to complaints due to a lack of oxygen. A large bio ethanol fireplace in a small space is therefore not possible without additional measures.

Burning bio ethanol does not really produce a distinct odor. As far as an odor is noticed, it is completely harmless.

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