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Electric inserts

Electric inserts

Electric inserts
• How does the Xaralyn Smart App work?

Several models of decorative fireplaces can also be operated with a smart phone, Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Look in the manual for your fireplace to see if it is suitable for this. The Xaralyn Smart App can be downloaded in the Google Play Store of de Apple App Store

Download the Xaralyn Smart App and follow the instructions in the app. If necessary, use this manual if it's not entirely clear how a connection to the fire can be made. 

• How does an electric fireplace work?

The electric fireplaces by Xaralyn are fitted with a glass panel, where the flame image is realized by a projection of light. 

Once you have plugged in the fireplace it is ready for use. The electric fireplaces by Xaralyn are multifunctional. For example, you can regulate the heat and the flames as most fireplaces come with a remote control. Whether the fireplace of your choice is equipped with the relevant functions, please check out the description of the specific model in our collection electric fireplaces for more details.  

• How much power does an electric fireplace consume?

The power consumption of an electric LED fireplace depends entirely on which features you use. If you use the fireplace only for decoration then power consumption is approximately 10-15 Watt per hour, these costs are nil.

• How many watts do I need to heat my room?

With an average ceiling height you can roughly stick to:

  • •  400 Watt      3-6 m2
  • •  600 Watt      7-9 m2
  • •  800 Watt    9-11 m2
  • • 1000 Watt 12-14 m2
  • • 1200 Watt 14-17 m2
  • • 1400 Watt 17-21 m2
  • • 2000 Watt 22-29 m2
  • • 2500 Watt 30-35 m2
• How do I clean the glass top of my electric fireplace?

The outside of the glass plate of your electric fireplace can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth. Afterwards you can dry the glass with a dry cloth.

• Can I use an electric fireplace for an installation project?

Yes, our electric fireplaces are perfect for installation projects. For inspiration please check out our completed installation projects

• My electric fireplace makes a noise

In an electric fireplace there are a few parts that move. If there is little or no background noise and you listen carefully, this can be noticed. If an electric built-in fire is built into a hollow space without sound insulation, this sound can be amplified.

• Which outlet/socket do I need for an electric fireplace?

You only need a grounded power outlet for a connection with an electric fireplace. Preferably this socket/outlet is situated directly behind the fireplace, so that the wires are not visible. The electric fireplaces by Xaralyn are supplied with an electricity cord of about a meter. Please do not cut this cord! If you want to increase the length of the cord, please use a grounded socket.

• What is the heat output of an electric fireplace?

The electric fireplaces by Xaralyn are primarily intended as atmosphere creators, but can also be used as extra heater. Depending on the chosen electric fireplace, they can be heated up to approximately 2000 watts. The exact heat output of your fireplace of choice  can be found in the specifications or in the user manual.

2000 watts is suitable for heating rooms up to 29m2. Xaralyn electric fireplaces give your room a pleasant warmth.

• Which lamps are used in an electric fireplace?

The electric fireplaces by Xaralyn come with different lamps. All new models use LED technology. Which lamps are used in the fireplace of your choice can be found in the operating instructions. Provided that the fitting is equal, you can easily replace the lamps. Please note that the light of the lamp will affect the flame image.

• The motor of my electric fireplace does not work or makes a rattling noise?

When the motor of the fireplace is not working or makes a rattling sound, the engine should most likely be replaced. We advise you to contact your dealer.

• Which are advantages from an electric fireplace ?

Do you want to spend the next winter warm without having to worry about the fire? It's now possible with our electric fireplaces, enjoy a modern fireplace that requires no maintenance. If you're on vacation, take advantage of this heat source to plan your activities by warming up by the fireplace. Moreover, if you leave your children alone in the accommodation while you go shopping, for example, you have nothing to worry about as they are not real flames and therefore pose no danger to your children.

You have just bought a veranda and you want to combine underfloor heating and a classic fireplace? Our electric fireplaces are made for you! Our fireplaces will bring you a bit of warmth and promise you a nice time with your family or friends. And with the combination of the two heat sources, you will never be cold in winter.

You have a garage and you would like to spend more time there to tinker? Opt now for an electric fireplace that will increase the temperature of your garage. Simply plug it into an electrical outlet and the flames will gush out to make you feel like you're standing in front of a real campfire.

The electric fireplace is safer than a conventional fireplace because the risk of fire is practically nil. You can leave your fireplace unattended and without worrying about what might happen when you are away for a while.

You would like to offer your child a fireplace to install in his room but you cannot provide a flue for the smoke and you don't want it to be dangerous for your child, so consider our electric fireplaces that are completely safe and harmless for your child.

You have just bought a home and you are wondering how to make it more unique and esthetic and you would like to furnish it with modern decorative elements? We offer electric fireplaces with several types of decorative fireplaces such as logs, pebbles or stones. You will find the fireplace that suits your taste and that will easily adapt to your indoor environment.

In spite of the fact that an electric fireplace has a lower heating power than a classic fireplace, the flames shown will always keep the same height and will not require any handling to restart the fire. Moreover, you will not have to worry about lighting the fire, since a simple push on a button will light it in a few seconds.

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