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• Can I see the product before I order it?

In our Experience Store in Broek op Langedijk (near Alkmaar) you can view all products and take them with you if you wish.

• Can I also pick up a product?

At our experience store in Broek op Langedijk (near Alkmaar) you can view all products and take them with you if you wish.

• What guarantee do I get?

The statutory warranty applies to all items that you purchase from us. Legal guarantee means that a product is or must do what the consumer can reasonably expect from it. In addition, all our products have a minimum of 24 months manufacturer's warranty or production or design errors. This warranty does not affect the legal warranty.

We provide a longer guarantee period for various items. This period is then specified in the relevant article.

If a product is used, it is subject to wear and tear. Parts that need to be replaced by wear and tear are called 'replacement parts' (such as the tires of a car), these parts have a known limited life span depending on the use. You can easily order these parts after ordering in our webshop.

See further customer service.

• What price do I pay?

All our prices include VAT and delivery above a minimum order amount (see shipping and returning for details). We guarantee you a fast delivery and the best possible service.

If you unexpectedly see a lower price for the same product, you will receive the same price from us (even after your purchase). We call this price guarantee!

• What is the delivery time?

Practically all our products are delivered from stock and are ready for transport the same day as your order.

If your order is shipped with a parcel service, you will receive a track and trace with which you can track your order.

We have contracts with special carriers for large or break-sensitive items. The carrier makes a personal delivery appointment with you here.

• How will my order be delivered?

Depending on your order, it is delivered with a parcel service or special carrier. Your order is delivered standard for the threshold.

If you ordered a fireplace including a fireplace insert, it is already fully pre-assembled. You only have to unpack it!

For additional costs you can choose to place your order in your house, in the room of your wish. If you wish, you can indicate this with your order

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