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Other fireplaces

Other fireplaces

Other fireplaces
• Fireplace

A fireplace has an open combustion. Due to the open combustion, harmful flue gases and combustion residues also enter the home. Almost 70% of the heat disappears through the chimney.

Advantages and disadvantages of a fireplace:

  • + smell and the sound of burning wood
  • + direct heat rays
  • - low efficiency: 10 to 15 percent
  • - needs fresh air
  • - environmentally polluting due to emissions of particulate matter
• Gas fire

A gas fire is easy to use and has flames that can hardly be distinguished from a fire. A gas fire has an open or closed combustion. Flue gasses released must be removed via a flue.

In the Netherlands, a gas fireplace will only be possible in the future by using gas bottles.

Advantages and disadvantages of a gas fire:

  • + user friendly
  • + (if still available) connected to a public gas network
  • + high efficiency (70-80%)
  • - The immediate vicinity of the gas fireplace is well heated, the rest of the house less
  • - gas connection
  • - high price
  • - loss of space due to flue
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