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Outdoor fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces
• Can your outdoor fires be used indoors as well?

No! Although there is hardly any particulate matter in the exhaust, the fire does extract oxygen from its surroundings, which is why the use indoors is not permitted.

• Which type of gas do I use for an outdoor fire?

A Xaralyn outdoor fire is only meant to be used combined with propane- or butane gas.

• What happens with wind and rain?

The flame of the gas outdoor fireplace can take a little wind and rain. In case the flame goes off then the gas valve will automaticly close

• What is the consumption of an outdoor gas-fire?

The consumption of an outdoor gas-fire depends on the height of the flame. At the highest level the outdoor gas-fire uses significantly more gas. With a small flame a large gas cylinder lasts for approximately 24 hours, a small gas cylinder approximately 10-12 hours.

• Can I leave my outdoor fire outdoors?

All models are made from weather resistant materials and can remain outdoors all year round. However, we do advise you to use the protective cover which is included with each fire.

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