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Extend and bring forward the summer with a gas fireplace!

Extend and bring forward the summer with a gas fireplace!

Gas fireplaces, an asset to the garden!

Cheer up your garden, balcony or roof with a gas fireplace. With a gas fire you not only create atmosphere in your garden or on your balcony, but they also give off quite a bit of heat. This means you can sit outside earlier and enjoy the outdoors for longer in the fall!

The advantage of a gas fire is that you don't have to carry wood around. And even when the wind blows, you can quietly turn on a gas fire and sit nice and warm. With a fire pit, it is always a matter of searching that you don't end up covered in ashes or smoke.

The gas fireplaces do not take up much space and can therefore also be used on a balcony or in a small garden. The neighbors will not be bothered by smoke nuisance and therefore they are also allowed on balconies.

Both photos were taken under a canopy and no filter was used. Do you also want to create such an atmosphere? Then take a look at the different gas fireplaces from Xaralyn!

Have a nice long summer!

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