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Use an electric fireplace to heat your workspace

Use an electric fireplace to heat your workspace

Working from home with current energy prices

Working from home has been on the rise since Corona. Of course, it also has many advantages: no travel time and you can organize your own time to a large extent. But with the current energy prices and especially the high gas prices, more and more people are choosing to go back to the office. The disadvantage of this is that the traffic jams increase again and then there is also the risk that people will infect each other with all kinds of viruses.
Why go back to the office? Because you often have to heat the living room to be able to heat your workplace/office as well. Most people still have central heating, which is controlled from the living room. So you save costs by going back to the office. Yes, you save on gas, but what about the gigantic high petrol prices? Do the travel costs still cover these costs?

But there is a solution: heat your workplace with an electric fireplace! By only heating your workplace, the heating in the living room can be turned off, so you not only save gas, but also the annoyance of standing in traffic jams and you save on petrol. A win-win situation.

Most Xaralyn electric fireplaces have 3 settings: only flames as a decorative fireplace and 2 heating settings. A room of approximately 20 m2 can be comfortably heated with this. And since most home offices are located in one of the bedrooms, 20m2 is often sufficient.

Another great advantage of electric fireplaces is that you can place them wherever there is a socket. There is no need for a flue or chimney.

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