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Easy to build in your own fireplace

Easy to build in your own fireplace

Built-in fireplace

You have seen an image and are completely in love with this interior with fireplace. It all looks insanely beautiful and you have the idea that this will be priceless. Then forget everything you've heard about fireplaces in the past!

A modern decorative fireplace does not have to be connected to a flue. Fire-resistant materials still have to be used for a bio-ethanol fireplace, but no special materials need to be used for an electric fireplace. For a little do-it-yourselfer, getting this job done on a budget is very doable. For the non-do-it-yourselfer, it is a matter of hiring a carpenter or interior builder, which is slightly more expensive, but here too the costs are not too bad if you see what you get in return. After all, only a piece of furniture or a fireplace has to be built and a structural adjustment is not necessary due to the disappearance of the flue or chimney.

If you like a 'real' flame, choosing a bio-ethanol fireplace is a perfect choice. In terms of atmosphere, a built-in bioethanol fireplace is comparable to a wood fireplace without the dust nuisance indoors.

If you are satisfied with an atmospheric flame, an electric fireplace is ideal. At the touch of a button, instant atmosphere in the house, really incomparable with a video of a fireplace on the TV. With some models of electric fireplaces you really have to look a few times to see that it is not a real flame.

We have a wide collection of bioethanol and electric built-in fireplaces that make it fairly easy to realize the most beautiful projects. Regardless of which room in the house, regardless of a country house or a cozy apartment in the city.

Feel free to contact us for installation advice. We can also recommend some installation specialists or interior builders, on the 'projects' page you can already find some companies with some examples.

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