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Find inspiration for your own fireplace


A fireplace is traditionally the centerpiece of a home. Nowadays easy to place anywhere, space-saving and affordable to realize since a flue is no longer necessary.

A modern decorative fireplace often has a heating function, but insufficient to serve as main heating. A very good combination with underfloor heating. The lack of a heating function also has a great advantage. Even when it is warmer outside, you can still fully enjoy this decorative fireplace.

Precisely because there is so much choice, it sometimes makes choosing difficult. A bio ethanol fireplace looks most like an open fireplace with a real flame. An electric fireplace may take some getting used to, but it also has many advantages. Is the fireplace placed in the center of the room or against a wall? Is there enough space, or is space limited?

In fact, we have a suitable fireplace for every situation, whether you have an industrial, rural, urban modern, shabby chic or bohemian interior, whether you have a lot of space or little space. Even if the fireplace of your taste is not listed, our collection of built-in fireplaces provides you with an excellent starting point to realize your own design.

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