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Easily realize your own dream fireplace


Inspired by a design and you can not buy this fireplace ready-made? Designing your own exclusive fireplace has never been easier!

Get inspired on Pinterest, Stock Photo or any other online platform and enjoy your own unique fireplace in no time. Our bioethanol fireplaces are both a source of heat for your home and a unique decorative element. They integrate perfectly into each living room by bringing the convivial side of real flames. In a corner, against a wall, or in the middle of a room, the bioethanol fireplace comes in different models that adapt to each interior. Xaralyn offers an easy solution and has a perfect alternative to a gas fireplace or wood stove. A fire without fossil fuel and without partical dust. We offer various built-in units that can be installed as bio ethanol fireplaces. A bio ethanol fireplace has a completely clean combustion so a flue or chimney is not required.

When burning a gas fireplace or wood stove, a flue is needed to drain the harmful flue gases. There is more and more discussion about a firing ban in the big cities, let's be honest, it might smell good, but a wood-burning stove simply causes nuisance to your neighbors. Placing a gas fireplace in an apartment or flat is usually not possible.

A Xaralyn fireplace is easy to install as a do-it-yourself job, a chimney is not needed! If you prefer a professional, we have a number of dealers who specialize in projects with flue-less fireplaces.

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