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The fireplace of the future

The fireplace of the future

Why choose a bioethanol fireplace ?

The bioethanol fireplace, the fireplace of the future!

Are you fed up with the residues created by your fireplace? You would like to waste less time cleaning your chimney but you need to maintain it regularly to keep it clean? The solution is the bioethanol chimney! Bioethanol is the product of the future for fireplaces so don't wait any longer and invest in a more ecological fireplace.


Bioethanol, one of the most widely used biofuels in the world, is derived from cereals such as wheat, corn or beets. This product, made from vegetable matter, is a biological fuel that will create flames like a real wood fire without the disadvantages. It is following the reaction between the burner and the fuel (bioethanol) that you will be able to admire the fire in your house or apartment without constraints as a classic fireplace could present it. So, we can say with certainty that the bioethanol fireplace is halfway between a fireplace and a stove.

More economical product

The bioethanol fireplace is more affordable than a classic fireplace because its price will not exceed €2,000, whereas for a wood-fired fireplace, you can expect to pay up to €5,000 with its installation. Indeed, the bioethanol fireplace will not require any significant installation work and you will not need to install an air duct for the smoke since there will be none. So yes, the product itself that is bioethanol is more expensive than wood, but in the long run you will see that there is not much storage space needed for these bottles and therefore it will be a money saving for you.


Since the installation of such a chimney is within everyone's reach, you will be able to install it in different ways depending on where you want to place it. And if you realize that it is not placed in the right place, you will be able to move it without any problem. It can be simply placed like a traditional fireplace, hung on a wall or placed on legs. In addition, the bioethanol fireplace is available in various decorative models. This auxiliary heating is perfect in addition to an underfloor heating for example.

This type of fireplace therefore offers a multitude of choices of poses and designs that will inevitably correspond to your tastes and allow you to have a good time warming yourself without having to constantly feed and monitor the fire and clean it after use.

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