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How beautiful can a clean fireplace be ...
A fireplace without particulate matter and CO2 neutral!
Complete furniture with fireplace. Now at selected dealers!
The most beautiful decorative fireplaces with heating, easy and environmentally friendly.

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Bioethanol burner. Environmentally friendly and safe!

Xaralyn is a Dutch producer with more than 20 years of experience. Our patented bioethanol burner with ceramic stone is the safest and most economical bioethanol fireplace in all tests. The Xaralyn bioethanol burner is the only bioethanol fireplace that has both the DIN and EU safety mark. Since we are convinced of the quality, we give it a lifetime guarantee!

No chimney or flue and yet a safe open fire? The Xaralyn bio ethanol burner with patented ceramic stone (ceramic burner) gives a wonderful warmth and can be placed in existing fireplaces, bespoke projects or can be combined with a Xaralyn surround. The ceramic core of the burner absorbs the bioethanol and ensures very economical combustion.  

You do not have to think long about a fireplace, gas fireplace or wood stove if a clean, cheap and environmentally friendly alternative is available? Take a look at our collection of bioethanol fireplaces and see the fireplace of the future!

Electric fireplace

Xaralyn is a Dutch producer with more than 20 years of experience. Our quality electric fires are distinguished with very real flames, economical consumption and user-friendly operation.

A Xaralyn electric (LED) fireplace is a nice and easy solution to create the effect of an open fire. The fireplaces can be used decoratively but usually also have a heating function. Most fireplaces are equipped with several lighting and heating levels and can be operated with a remote control.

An electric fireplace is completely maintenance free which is why they became so popular in a short time. The new generation electric fireplaces from Xaralyn function with economic LED lights. All Xaralyn LED fireplaces use a minimum of energy when used only as decorative fireplace.

An electric fireplace from Xaralyn is an economic and environmentally friendly choice!

See our fireplaces live!

Visit our renewed showroom in Broek op Langedijk (the Netherlands) now also virtually, or one of our other experience stores and be inspired by all possibilities with our built-in fireplaces. The possibilities with our electric- and bio ethanol fireplaces are enormous, placement of these fireplaces is easy.

Now finally realize your dream fireplace!

Choose the safest and most economical bio-alcohol fireplace in the world, we also give it a lifetime warranty!

Xaralyn, the fireplace of the future!

The most beautiful fireplaces but then clean! CO2 neutral and without flue gases. Fireplaces that can be placed easily and everywhere. Fireplaces that do not require no flue.

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