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Design your own Cinewall

Design your own Cinewall


By combining the television with a fireplace, you can create a so-called Cinewall. An electric or bio ethanol fireplace can be placed under or next to the television.

All cables of the equipment neatly concealed, space for the television and space for a fireplace. Furthermore, if desired, a fully furnished wall for books or memories or art objects.

An interior designer can make a complete design for a Cinewall for you. Slightly simpler designs are also very easy to realize by yourself. There must be some space behind the television to hide all the cables. The built-in fireplace will be placed under the television.

Many models of electric fireplaces have a smart function. This means that they can not only be operated with a remote control, but also via an app or linked to a smart home system such as Google Home or Alexa.

We have wide fireplaces that go well over 2 meters. However, it is not always necessary to choose such a wide fireplace insert. The television does not have to be exactly the same width as the fireplace. With a good design this is not at all disturbing. For example, if the opening in front of the fireplace has the same width as the television, this already gives a very calm image. The nice thing about these types of designs is that they can be realized completely to your own taste and functionality.

Take a look at our collection of built-in fireplaces to see which fireplace fits best in your design.

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