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Xaralyn | Clean Fire System

Xaralyn | Clean Fire System

About Xaralyn

Xaralyn | Clean Fire System is a Dutch producer of electric and bio-ethanol fireplaces. Our fireplaces are sold worldwide through a large dealer network in the fireplace specialist trade, furniture trade and web shops. Xaralyn is one of the leading brands for decorative fireplaces.

We offer a wide range of decorative fireplaces. Zero emission fireplaces, produced with respect for our environment. If you don't have harmful flue gases you don't need a flue, a clean fire system!

We use heat pumps and solar panels for the energy supply and heating of our head office in Broek op Langedijk, The Netherlands.

In order to not only provide you with the best products but also to offer optimum purchasing protection, Xaralyn is a member of (homeshopping warranty) and Trusted Shops.

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Xaralyn | Headquarters


Wilfred Kos was fascinated with fireplaces already at an early age. Eventually he found in bioethanol the solution to place a fireplace in every room. Until then, a fireplace was reserved for a select group only. With the solution to make a fireplace that works on bioethanol, the need for a flue was gone. With this application he became one of the first pioneers in Europe of bio ethanol fireplaces.

In 1996 he developed a complete range of wall-mounted- and free standing fireplaces with a real fire, without the need for a chimney.

In order to improve the technique and, above all, to make it safer, Wilfred Kos set up the Clean Fire System company. From that moment on, Clean Fire System is engaged in the development of safe and sustainable fire systems for fireplaces without a flue.

In 2005 Clean Fires System gets the worldwide patent on a bioethanol burner with a ceramic stone; the ceramic burner. This bioethanol burner with a ceramic stone is a revolution in safety and far more economical in use than the systems that existed up until then. An absolutely safe system that can be used anywhere in the house without flue, a system that uses a non-fossil fuel and is CO2 neutral. Clean Fire System offers a clean alternative to wood stoves and gas fires.

In 2017, the development suddenly takes a leap. As a result of international climate agreements, worldwide attention is being paid to the emission of CO2 and particulate matter. In countries such as the Netherlands, it is decided that new-built homes, will no longer be connected to the gas network and existing deliveries of gas to households must be stopped within 30 years.

A logical pursuit cannot be missed. A new company is started with the already started production facilities in Europe and Asia. Xaralyn is born!

Xaralyn offers a wide range of safe and economical bioethanol fireplaces, energy-efficient LED fireplaces and various pieces of furniture in which the fireplaces can be used. These products are sold all over the world from the head office in the Netherlands.

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