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Supplies for your decorative fireplace

Supplies for your decorative fireplace


You can complete your Xaralyn fire with a number of accessories.

Whether you are looking for bioethanol (fuel for our bio ethanol burners with ceramic stone), decoration for your bio ethanol burner or a sound module for your electric fire, you will find them in this category.

Bio Ethanol

Simply explained, bio ethanol is alcohol which is unsuitable for consumption. Alcohol is created by fermentation of fruits or plants.

Bio ethanol or alcohol evaporates, it is the bio ethanol or alcohol vapor that we burn with a bio ethanol burner. The burning of bio ethanol is completely clean. We do have to take into account that oxygen is used in every combustion, therefore we need to ventilate sufficiently.

Bio ethanol is available at hardware stores, garden centers and a growing number of household shops.


Safety is important for Xaralyn.

All Xaralyn accessories for bio ethanol fireplaces are extensively tested on safety for use in combination with a bio ethanol burner.


Xaralyn provides you with a quality product.

You will recognize the quality when you see the product. If you have any questions about our products please do not hesitate to contact our advisors or visit one of our showrooms.