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No more excuses for a fireplace!

No more excuses for a fireplace!

Furniture with fireplace
Furniture with fireplace


Our furniture is produced in our own factory in Europe. Our highest quality standards guarantee the perfect furniture to enjoy for a long time.

After production our furniture is conditionedly stored so the material does not change.

We only process sustainably extracted wood and work with environmental friendly (water-based) paints.

Environmental friendly

For the production for Xaralyn furniture we only use wood from sustainable managed forests in Europe.

The central production close to our home means less impact on our environment because we save on transport.

Xaralyn furniture can be combined with an electric or bio ethanol burner.

Combine how you want

Choose an electric or bioethanol fireplace insert. You can combine yourself.

An electric fireplace is easy to use. Plug in the socket and you're done.
Flames seem quite real, but of course they are only light projections.

A bioethanol fireplace is a bit more work. Fill and ignite.
Then we have real fire here, real flames.

Whichever decorative fireplace you choose, you opt for a clean system, so a chimney is not necessary.