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Build in your own fireplace

Build in your own fireplace

Built-in fireplaces
Built-in fireplaces

A Xaralyn fireplace insert can be used in combination with a Xaralyn surround, or in your own design. A Xaralyn bio ethanol or electric fireplace insert is an environmentally friendly alternative to a gas fireplace or wood stove.

If you already have an existing fireplace, or if you would like to design your own fireplace, you can opt for a separate insert. You can choose between different electric- or bioethanol inserts with various dimensions.

The inserts can be easily built in, a vent-system is not necessary.

Bio ethanol fireplace

Choosing a bio ethanol fireplace can be made because of environmental considerations or because a flue is not necessary.

With a bio ethanol fireplace you have a lot of design freedom. Because a flue is not required you can practically place your fireplace anywhere you want.

With the extensive collection of bio ethanol fireplaces from Xaralyn the installation of a fireplace is no longer the sole preserve of a fireplace specialist.

Electric fireplace

Choosing an electric fireplace can be based on daily ease of use.

An electric fireplace is easy to use and mostly maintenance free.

An electric fireplace can be used as decorative fireplace but usually also has a heating function. Modern electric fireplaces give a nice deep image of fire.

Environmental friendly

Whatever choise you make, a Xaralyn built-in fireplace is a environmental friendly choice.

A fireplace without particulate matter, a fireplace on recoverable clean fuel. A decorative ficeplace without maintenance and easy to place almost everywhere.

Switch your fireplace and see how polluting your old gas fireplace or wood stove is compared to an environmental friendly bio ethanol fireplace or LED fireplace.