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Decorative fireplace with real fire

Decorative fireplace with real fire

Bio ethanol burners
Bio ethanol burners

Bioethanol is alcohol with biological origin. The CO2 emission of a bio-ethanol burner is minimal (comparable to a candle).

The Xaralyn bio ethanol burner is equipped with a patented ceramic (porous) stone.

The bio ethanol is completely absorbed in the ceramic stone. As soon as the bio ethanol burner is lit, the evolved gas ensures a good looking and economic combustion that is up to 50% more efficient in comparison to other bio ethanol burners. The most secure way of open fire.

This combustion of a bio ethanol burner is completely clean. Due to the lack of flue gases there is no flue required. The bio ethanol burner can be placed because of this virtually in any room. Our bio ethanol burners are in all tests, tested as the safest.

All Xaralyn bio ethanol burners with ceramic stone have a lifetime warranty! In combination with the materials used in production the most sustainable bio-ethanol burner.

Advantages and disadvantages of a bioethanol burner:

  • + no flue required
  • + environmentally friendly
  • + no smoke, odor or particulate matter
  • - relatively low power
  • - not suitable as main heating

Bio Ethanol

Simply explained, bio ethanol is alcohol which is unsuitable for consumption. Alcohol is created by fermentation of fruits or plants.

Bio ethanol or alcohol evaporates, it is the bio ethanol or alcohol vapor that we burn with a bio ethanol burner. The burning of bio ethanol is completely clean. We do have to take into account that oxygen is used in every combustion, therefore we need to ventilate sufficiently.

Bio ethanol is available at hardware stores, garden centers and a growing number of household shops.

A bioethanol fireplace brings a real pleasure to the eyes like a wood fireplace and moreover without the constraints of a traditional fire that requires wood constantly.

Moreover, this product does not give off any smell as a traditional fireplace could do.

Excellent service

Xaralyn offers you the best possible service. You can contact us with all your questions about decorative fireplaces.

On our website you will find many information about decorative fireplaces, alternatives for gas fireplaces or wood stoves.

We are happy to help you realize an atmospheric but yet environmentally friendly fireplace in your living situation.

Thanks to the Xaralyn bioethanol burners, you will be able to create a unique atmosphere depending on the colour and material you choose.

Xaralyn bioethanol burners can be placed either in a frame or in an existing fireplace, it's up to you to choose what you like best.

Recognized quality

All bio ethanol burners from Xaralyn are produced according to strict standards in Europe. Our bio ethanol burners are approved according to the new strict European safety standards of Europe (EN 16647:2015).

Our burners are produced from sustainable stainless steel and are equipped with a double wall for extra safety.

As we are convinced of the safety and quality of our bio ethanol burners with patended ceramic stone, we offer a lifelong guarantee on these products.

It is important to know that 100% of the heat produced during combustion is returned to the room, unlike a wood fireplace where a large part of the heat is lost in the smoke evacuated from the dwelling.

Frequently asked questions
What is a bio ethanol burner?
A bio ethanol fireplace or bio ethanol burner with patented ceramic stone from Xaralyn is the safest method of open fire. The big difference with other similar bio ethanol fireplaces or burners is that the ceramic stone in the Xaralyn burner absorbs the liquid slowly. As a result, not the pure liquid, but the released harmless gas is gradually burned. The result is a safe, clean and easy to ignite decorative fireplace with a beautiful constant flame image.
What are the advantages of a bio ethanol fireplace?
The patented ceramic stone in the bio ethanol fireplace or bio ethanol burner absorbs the liquid, but also closes the burner. As a result, no liquid leaks from the outer pan of the burner, even when it is turned upside down!
Does a bio ethanol fireplace or burner give off heat?
A bio ethanol fireplace or a bio ethanol burner has the additional advantage that it gives off a pleasant heat. This heater is not intended as a primary heating source. A bio ethanol fireplace is ideal to combine with underfloor heating.
How long does a bio ethanol fireplace burn?
A fully filled bioethanol fireplace or bioethanol burner from Xaralyn will burn between 3-4 hours. A large burner contains more bio ethanol, the burning time is approximately comparable.