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Versatile and user-friendly fireplaces

Versatile and user-friendly fireplaces

Electric fireplace inserts
Electric fireplace inserts


An existing gas fireplace or wood stove can be fitted with an electric built-in fireplace quite easily. You choose an electric built-in fireplace for environmental reasons, cheap to use, easy installation, maintenance-free.

An electric built-in fireplace can be used fairly easily in your own design, under a TV such as Cinewall, as a room divider or built into a wall.

An electric fireplace is ideal in combination with underfloor heating, you quickly have a little extra heat in the house. If you have solar panels, the use of an electric fireplace becomes completely attractive. Even during a hot summer day you can still enjoy an electric fireplace, the heating function works independently.

Choose from our large collection of electric fireplaces and start enjoying tomorrow!

Electric fireplace

An electric fireplace provides the atmosphere and coziness of a real fireplace in your home. Similar to the atmosphere of a gas fireplace or wood stove but without the disadvantages!

The new generation of electric fireplaces from Xaralyn function with economical LED lights. All Xaralyn LED fireplaces use a negligible amount of energy when functioning only as a decorative fireplace.

Choosing an electric fireplace is choosing a maintenance free fireplace.

The electric fireplace provides greater safety than a conventional fireplace as the risk of fire is practically nil. You can therefore leave your electric fireplace unattended without worrying about what might happen when you are away.

Excellent service

Xaralyn offers you the best possible service. You can contact us with all your decorative fireplace queries.

You can find information about decorative fireplaces and alternatives for gas fireplaces or wood stoves on our website.

We are happy to help you create an atmospheric yet environmentally friendly fireplace for your living situation.

With our breathtaking designs you need not hesitate to invite people into your home for a drink or social evening. Thanks to Xaralyn electric fireplaces you have the opportunity to create a unique and customisable atmosphere with the colour and material of your choice.

Recognized quality

All electric fireplaces from Xaralyn comply with the latest safety standards.

Decorative fireplaces from Xaralyn are designed and produced with years of enjoyment and use in mind. Our LED fireplaces are particularly economical and produce a stunningly beautiful flame.

Decorative fireplaces from Xaralyn fit well within many pre-existing home decor styles and can also be incorporated within a project of its own design.

Despite the fact that an electric fireplace has a lower heating capacity than a classic fireplace, the flames produced consistently keep the same height and do not require any handling in order to restart the fire.

Conveniently you do not have to worry about lighting the fire as a simple push of the button will light it within seconds.

Frequently asked questions
How does an electric fireplace work?

The Xaralyn electric fireplaces are fitted with a glass plate where the flame is realized by light projection. As soon as the fireplace is connected to the mains, you can use the fireplace.

Xaralyn electric fireplaces have different functions.

What is the power consumption of an electric fireplace?

The power consumption of an electric fireplace (LED) depends on the functions they use. If you only opt for the flame function, the power consumption is 5-15 watts per hour. With water vapor fireplaces this is 200 - 220 watts.

How much heat does an electric fireplace produce?

The Xaralyn electric fireplaces create atmosphere and can also be used as additional heating. Depending on which electric fireplace you have, it can produce a maximum of 2,000 watts of heat. The exact heat output of the fireplace of your choice can be found in the specifications or in the user manual.

What are the advantages of an electric fireplace?

With our electric fireplaces it is now possible to enjoy a modern fireplace that does not require maintenance.

For example, if you leave your children alone in the property to do their shopping, you don't have to worry about burns and an electric fireplace therefore poses no danger to your children.

The electric fireplace is safer than a traditional fireplace because the risk of fire is practically zero. You can leave the fireplace unattended without worrying about what might happen if they are gone for a while.

We offer electric fireplaces with different types such as logs, pebbles or water vapor. With us you will find the fireplace that suits your taste and that easily adapts to your indoor climate.

Plus, they don't have to worry about lighting the fire, as a simple push of a button ignites the fire within seconds.