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Bio ethanol, the green energy

Bio ethanol, the fuel for the future.

Biofuels are liquid or gaseous fuels that are produced from biodegradable fractions of products, remains from agricultural production and forestry, as well as biodegradable fractions of industrial and municipal wastes. However, ethanol produced from renewable energy sources is one of the most promising biofuels for the future. Although bioethanol fuels can be manufactured using the chemical reaction between ethylene and electricity, it is mainly produced through fermentation of sugars derived from crops containing starch, such as corn, wheat, sugar cane, etc.

Bio ethanol is entirely comprised of biological products, and hence the combustion of bio ethanol results in cleaner emissions (carbon dioxide, steam and heat). Carbon dioxide is absorbed by plants and processed via photosynthesis to help the plant grow. This cycle of creation and energy combustion means bio ethanol could potentially be a carbon neutral fuel source.

Bio ethanol has a number of benefits when compared to conventional fuels. Bio ethanol is produced from a renewable resource (such as crops). There is therefore no net carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere, making bio ethanol an environmentally beneficial energy source. Bio ethanol is also biodegradable

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