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Modern or classic, configure your own fireplace


A Xaralyn fire is a combination of a surround and an insert.

Most Xaralyn surrounds can be combined with different inserts. First you choose a surround, then you decide on the material or colour. You can further personalise the fire by chosing between either an electric or bio ethanol insert.

Our natural stone surrounds are unique. Each surround made of natural stone is finished by hand and has a unique look. The final result is a unique surround with a vintage look.

On a wooden base we stick a layer of natural stone, fossil stone, on a wooden base, which is then evened out. The final result is a completely natural stone open fire with a relatively low weight. By keeping the weight low, the fire is much easier to move and therefore becomes more a piece of furniture.

The fire is delivered completely assembled, a vent system is not necessary, you only need to find a suitable place in your home!

Bio ethanol fireplace

Bio ethanol is a sustainable fuel which can be best compared to alcohol. Bio ethanol is a clean fuel, no harmfull substances are released during the combustion of bio ethanol. As a result of which a flue is not required.

Choosing a bio ethanol fireplace is not only an environmentally conscious choice but also an economic choice. Constructing a flue for the disposal of harmfull substances like particulate matter is expensive and uses a lot of space. Because a flue is not required for a bio ethanol fireplace you will have more design freedom.

Oxygen is needed for the combustion of bio ethanol. As with a normal fireplace or woodstove you need to regularly ventilate the room.

Enjoy the nice radiant heat of a bio-ethanol fireplace in combination with underfloor heating.

Electric fireplace

An electric fireplace gives the illusion of a real fireplace without the disadvantages.

Modern electric fireplaces are particularly economic thanks to the use of LED lighting and are additionally equipped with a heating function.

An electric LED fireplace is completely maintenance free and can be operated by remote control or app. The newest types of electric fireplaces give a nice 3-dimensional image and are particularly suitable for daily use.

Thanks to the combination of the logs, which glow like a real fire, and the LEDs, the electric fireplace is not only decorative, but also brings a convivial aspect to the room in which it is installed. It therefore perfectly replaces a traditional fireplace without polluting.

Naturestone Surround

Our naturestone (fossilstone) surrounds are delivered fully assembled. We use a wooden base which we finish with a layer of natural stone. The layers of natural stone will be leveled for a nice even result.

This way of producing naturestone surrounds has many advantages. We use less scarce materials and we have a much lighter end product. The naturestone surrounds will be delivered fully assembled and are just as easy to move as a large piece of furniture.

Every naturestone surround is unique. The manual finish of the surround gives a unique look to each surround. Due to the character of the naturestone no two surrounds are identical.