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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Xaralyn Clean Fire System is one of the leading producers of decorative fireplaces, fireplaces without flue. Our collection consists of electric fireplaces of various sizes and styles, each of which creates its own fire image. In addition, Xaralyn offers the safest, worldwide patented bio ethanol burner with a ceramic stone.

Our electric and bio ethanol inserts can be combined with our large collection of fireplaces, which can easily be placed and moved, partly because no flue is necessary. Our inserts are also ideally suited for placing in an existing (not working) fireplace, or as a built-in unit in walls, cupboards or other objects.

On this page you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our products. For further detailed information and to view the Xaralyn atmosphere fires, we invite you to one of our sales points.



I want to order
• Postpay with Klarna is not possible

You can also use Klarna afterpay at Xaralyn. Pay for your new fireplace safely and easily.

As soon as we receive approval from Klarna, we will process the order immediately. However, it is possible that the subsequent payment by Klarna is sometimes not accepted.

First of all, you will have to request an account with Klarna. As soon as this is approved, you will receive a credit from Klarna.

Klarna recommends choosing a low amount if you order something with postpay for the first time. The more often you order via the Klarna post-pay method, the credit amount they grant will also increase.

A payment afterwards that is refused by Klarna can sometimes have a very simple reason:

A small typo in the personal data
An old or incorrect email address
You are a new customer at Klarna and have no payment history with them yet, the purchase amount may be too high
The amount to be paid afterwards is higher than the credit that Klarna provides on the basis of the information provided by you
For privacy reasons, we do not receive information from Klarna as to why a payment is declined. If you are refused by Klarna, it is best to contact the Klarna helpdesk yourself (tel. +31 20 8082852).

• What price do I pay?

All our prices include VAT and delivery above a minimum order amount (see shipping and returning for details). We guarantee you a fast delivery and the best possible service.

If you unexpectedly see a lower price for the same product, you will receive the same price from us (even after your purchase). We call this price guarantee!

• Can I see the product before I order it?

In our Experience Store in Broek op Langedijk (near Alkmaar) you can view all products and take them with you if you wish.

• What is the delivery time?

Practically all our products are delivered from stock and are ready for transport the same day as your order.

If your order is shipped with a parcel service, you will receive a track and trace with which you can track your order.

We have contracts with special carriers for large or break-sensitive items. The carrier makes a personal delivery appointment with you here.

• Can I also pick up a product?

At our experience store in Broek op Langedijk (near Alkmaar) you can view all products and take them with you if you wish.

Bio ethanol fireplaces or burners
• What is a bioethanol burner with ceramic stone?

The Xaralyn bioethanol burner with patented ceramic stone is a revolutionary product, the safest open fire! The big difference between our bioethanol burner and other burners on the market is that the Xaralyn bioethanol burner contains a ceramic core that slowly absorbs the liquid fuel. This causes the burner to not burn pure bioethanol, but the harmless gas it releases, this makes the fire burn more gradually. The result is a safer and cleaner burner, which is easy to ignite and gives a beautiful consistent fire. 

• My bioethanol fireplace does not light with a lighter

The flash point of bioethanol is approximately 12 degrees. If the ambient temperature where your bioethanol fireplace is located is very low, lighting it is more difficult. A USB lighter only gives a spark, a gas lighter gives a flame.

If you want to light a bioethanol fireplace with an ambient temperature below 15 degrees, this will be easier with a gas lighter.

• How long will a bioethanol burner burn?

A fully stocked bioethanol burner from Xaralyn will burn between 3-4 hours. Large burners can hold more bioethanol, the burning time is approximately similar.

• What are the advantages of a bioethanol burner with ceramic stone?

The patented ceramic stone in the bioethanol burner absorbs the bioethanol completely and also closes off the burner. Therefore, it is impossible for the bio ethanol to run or leak out of the burner, even when it is held upside down! 


• How does a bioethanol burner with ceramic stone work?

A bio ethanol fireplace can be incredibly beautiful. Xaralyn puts safety first.

The most simple bio ethanol burners are no more than a container in which ethanol is burned. This type of bio ethanol burner is not only very dangerous but also consumes a lot of ethanol. Filling the burner with ceramic wool is claimed to offer sufficient safety. By using the burner, the volume of the ceramic wool shrinks and this leads to even more unsafe situations. Ceramic wool can still glow for a long time and cause a flash of flame when refilled.

Xaralyn has a completely different system. The entire burner is completely filled with an absorbent type of stone, we call this a bio ethanol burner with ceramic stone or ceramic burner.

Due to the fact that the burner is completely filled up by the ceramic core, it is not possible for the liquid fuel to leak – even if the burner is tilted.

Because of the built in safety device, it is simply not possible to fill the bioethanol burner while it is lit. The bioethanol burner can only be filled when it is closed off and therefore extinguished.

Because the burner is completely filled by the ceramic core, it is possible to use a bioethanol which contains more than 96% alcohol. This is the purest bioethanol available, which makes the combustion completely pure (without hazardous smells and remains) and produces a nice yellow flame.

It is not the pure bioethanol that burns, but the evaporation of the bio ethanol from the ceramic core when it is exposed to the air. The gradual combustion makes the bioethanol burner with ceramic core completely safe and economic in use. There is no need for a flue as there are no hazardous fumes. The bioethanol burner is surrounded by an additional outer reservoir for extra safety. This is filled with ceramic wool, which absorbs excess fuel in case the bio ethanol burner is over-filled.

This unique burning principle has been developed by Xaralyn, worldwide patented and carries the DIN 4731-1 quality mark.

Bio ethanol CL100
• What is bioethanol made of?

Bioethanol is alcohol that has been made unsuitable for consumption. We call this process denaturing. Bioethanol is sometimes also called bio-alcohol.

Xaralyn bioethanol is made by fermenting sugars in sugar cane, grains, sugar beet or corn. To stimulate this process, production organisms such as yeasts are usually added.

Xaralyn bioethanol is 100% pure bioethanol with an alcohol percentage between 95-96%.

The other components consist of substances that ensure that a nice yellow flame is created during combustion.

Xaralyn bioethanol is not suitable for use in all bioethanol burners with an open reservoir: Xaralyn bioethanol has been developed for bioethanol burner with ceramic stone. The ceramic stone absorbs the bioethanol, it is not the alcohol that burns, it is only the alcohol vapors that come out of the stone that ignite.

• Does the bio ethanol fuel produce a smell?

The combustion of bioethanol generally produces an odor when the bioethanol is not well filtered or produced from (too many) different raw materials. The alcohol percentage is also of great importance; the lower the alcohol percentage, the more smell will be noticeable. Bio ethanol with a lower percentage of alcohol contains a larger percentage of additives, which results in a less pure combustion.

No combustion is completely odorless. One person perceives more smell than the other. The combination of bio ethanol and the evaporation from the absorbing ceramic core in the burner ensures the purest combustion as possible, leaving a barely perceptible odor.

If a bioethanol burner with a ceramic core will be extinguished, a possible odor will be stronger.

• Can I also use another type of fuel instead of bio ethanol?

No, we strongly advise against the use of any other fuels. The reason herefore is that the ceramic core will absorb this other fuel and will cause an impure combustion. This may cause an unpleasant odour and unnecessary smoke and soot production. Moreover, it may cause the ceramic core to get clogged by the chemical supplements in these (less pure) fuels, which in turn will prevent a normal combustion. As a result, in the long run the core might not be able to absorb fuel anymore. Using different fuels also cancels the warranty on the burner.

We therefore advise you to use CL100 bio ethanol, which has been specially developed for the ceramic burners. 

• Why does Xaralyn only sell bio ethanol per 1 litre bottle?

We do not recommend using bio ethanol in jerry cans for safety reasons. Our liter bottles are equipped with a special cap. This cap reduces the chance that a spark can reach the alcohol. If a spark comes into the bottle, it will be knocked out of your hands by the pressure. With a jerry can you run the risk of getting the bioethanol over you.

In addition, larger jerry cans are usually made of a softer material which slowly dissolves in the pure bio ethanol, causing a contamination in the bio ethanol.

Electric inserts
• How does the Xaralyn Smart App work?

Several models of decorative fireplaces can also be operated with a smart phone, Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Look in the manual for your fireplace to see if it is suitable for this. The Xaralyn Smart App can be downloaded in the Google Play Store of de Apple App Store

Download the Xaralyn Smart App and follow the instructions in the app. If necessary, use this manual if it's not entirely clear how a connection to the fire can be made. 

• My electric fireplace makes a noise

In an electric fireplace there are a few parts that move. If there is little or no background noise and you listen carefully, this can be noticed. If an electric built-in fire is built into a hollow space without sound insulation, this sound can be amplified.

• How does an electric fireplace work?

The electric fireplaces by Xaralyn are fitted with a glass panel, where the flame image is realized by a projection of light. 

Once you have plugged in the fireplace it is ready for use. The electric fireplaces by Xaralyn are multifunctional. For example, you can regulate the heat and the flames as most fireplaces come with a remote control. Whether the fireplace of your choice is equipped with the relevant functions, please check out the description of the specific model in our collection electric fireplaces for more details.  

• Which outlet/socket do I need for an electric fireplace?

You only need a grounded power outlet for a connection with an electric fireplace. Preferably this socket/outlet is situated directly behind the fireplace, so that the wires are not visible. The electric fireplaces by Xaralyn are supplied with an electricity cord of about a meter. Please do not cut this cord! If you want to increase the length of the cord, please use a grounded socket.

• How much power does an electric fireplace consume?

The power consumption of an electric LED fireplace depends entirely on which features you use. If you use the fireplace only for decoration then power consumption is approximately 10-15 Watt per hour, these costs are nil.

Fireplaces with water vapor
• How does a water vapor fireplace works?

The Opti-Myst or water vapor fireplaces create a flame image by projecting light on ultra-fine water vapor. The water vapor is generated by an ultrasonic evaporation with an evaporator, after which the water vapor rises by means of the heat of halogen lamps or a heat coil.

Water vapor fireplaces are very maintenance-sensitive due to the combination of water (lime) and electricity.

• What maintenance do I have on my Opti-Myst fireplace?

It is recommended to regularly clean the evaporator and watertank of the Opti-Myst fireplace. The evaporator will last between 6-12 months with normal use and must then be replaced.

Using water with less lime and regular cleaning will extend the life of the evaporator.

• What type of lamps are there in an Opti-Myst fireplace?

The water vapor of the Opti-Myst fireplace mainly increases due to the addition of heat. This heat can come from a heating coil or from halogen lamps.

In the case of using LED lamps there is a heating coil in the Opti-Myst. In case of using halogen lamps, this heating coil is not necessary.

The energy consumption of the halogen lamps is less than the consumption of LED lamps in combination with a heating coil.

• Can I still purchase halogen lamps for my water vapor fireplace?

The production or import of halogen lamps for direct connection to the mains (such as lighting) has been banned within the EU since 1 September 2018.

The halogen lamps used in a water vapor fire are outside this prohibition.

Outdoor fireplaces
• Can your outdoor fires be used indoors as well?

No! Although there is hardly any particulate matter in the exhaust, the fire does extract oxygen from its surroundings, which is why the use indoors is not permitted.

• What is the consumption of an outdoor gas-fire?

The consumption of an outdoor gas-fire depends on the height of the flame. At the highest level the outdoor gas-fire uses significantly more gas. With a small flame a large gas cylinder lasts for approximately 24 hours, a small gas cylinder approximately 10-12 hours.

• Which type of gas do I use for an outdoor fire?

A Xaralyn outdoor fire is only meant to be used combined with propane- or butane gas.

• Can I leave my outdoor fire outdoors?

All models are made from weather resistant materials and can remain outdoors all year round. However, we do advise you to use the protective cover which is included with each fire.

• What happens with wind and rain?

The flame of the gas outdoor fireplace can take a little wind and rain. In case the flame goes off then the gas valve will automaticly close

FAQ Surrounds
• How are your stone chimneys made?

Production of these fireplaces starts with a frame of wood. On this wooden frame different stones are stuck in a layer after which the chimney gets its shape. In this way we get a real stone fireplace with all the advantages of real natural stone, but with much less material and much less kilos.

The stones can be left fairly rough; unpolished. The stones can also be polished nicely smooth (matte-shiny); polished

All fireplaces are made by hand from natural stone. Each one is completely unique with natural imperfections. These natural stone fireplaces have a vintage, weathered appearance.

• What is fossil stone?

Fossil Stone is a unique natural stone type corresponding to rough or polished marble which we have attached to a wooden surface. This creates the feel and look of real marble, yet it is relatively light weight making it possible to move the Fossil Stone fireplace around easily. Fossil Stone is a natural product, thus there may be small colour-and/or structural abnormalities in the material. As a result, every fireplace has its own unique character. Xaralyn offers a range from polished (smooth and shiny) to unpolished versions (rough structure and some difference in appearance) of the stone.

• What is composite stone?

Composite stone is a mixture of grinded stone with synthetic resin. This creates a structure of sandstone with characteristic unevenness/bumps. Through the use of the artificial resin, the weight remains relatively low.

• How is a Xaralyn fireplace delivered?

Our Xaralyn fireplaces are delivered as one piece. While the matching fireplace insert will be delivered in a separate package. 

• How do I install a Xaralyn fireplace?

Our Xaralyn fireplaces are delivered as one piece. While the matching fireplace insert will be delivered in a separate package, which can be easily assembled. You can install the wall fireplaces by using the manual section “on the wall”. For all fireplaces (wall-models or freestanding models) no further assembly is required.

Other fireplaces
• Fireplace

A fireplace has an open combustion. Due to the open combustion, harmful flue gases and combustion residues also enter the home. Almost 70% of the heat disappears through the chimney.

Advantages and disadvantages of a fireplace:

  • + smell and the sound of burning wood
  • + direct heat rays
  • - low efficiency: 10 to 15 percent
  • - needs fresh air
  • - environmentally polluting due to emissions of particulate matter
• Gas fire

A gas fire is easy to use and has flames that can hardly be distinguished from a fire. A gas fire has an open or closed combustion. Flue gasses released must be removed via a flue.

In the Netherlands, a gas fireplace will only be possible in the future by using gas bottles.

Advantages and disadvantages of a gas fire:

  • + user friendly
  • + (if still available) connected to a public gas network
  • + high efficiency (70-80%)
  • - The immediate vicinity of the gas fireplace is well heated, the rest of the house less
  • - gas connection
  • - high price
  • - loss of space due to flue
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